Dreaming of Cats

I dream of a lot of things, but there is one thing I dream of often.  Can you guess?  Cats, of course!

I had another one last night.  This time it was about two of my cats getting outside.  They are strictly indoor cats, so the thought of them getting outside is not a comfortable one, to say the least.  This dream theme presents itself often, but in many different scenarios.

This time it was a man who stole my cat, Sparks.  I saw him at a gas station across the street from my house (the house in my dream was nothing like my real house), holding the cat with one arm and holding a rifle with the other one.  Feel free to psychoanalyze… 😀

Even though Sparks looked like he couldn’t care less about his situation, I was horrified!  I started to yell at the guy to bring him back, and in true dream form, the guy was seemingly teleported to my yard dropping the cat off and walking away.  Great, right?  Well yeah, until I saw that my other cat, Jeff, got outside in the meantime.

So, I tried to grab them both at the same time to put them in the house.  Jeff wriggled out of my grasp and ran under the porch.  I got Sparks in the house, and then I woke up feeling freaked out that I lost Jeff!

Sparks and Jeff. Sparks is the one hiding his face.

The other type of cat dreams I have pretty frequently involve outside cats.  I feed the street cats, so I see a lot of them every day.  Some I see less frequently, but they make their rounds enough that I know who they are.  We even name them.

One of the first times I remember dreaming of a street cat was when I dreamed of a feral cat named Chucky.  He was so cute (aren’t they all though?), with his big head and chunky cheeks.  I was so worried about him all the time, it’s no wonder he made his way into my head.  In my dream he tried to get in the house and I told him he couldn’t come in because he had bugs on him, and I couldn’t let my indoor cats be exposed to them.  He looked so sad, and I felt so bad that I couldn’t help him more.  Incidentally, we tried to bring Chucky into our home, but it didn’t work out.  I’ll share that story in another post at some point.

Chucky at vet’s office. He had some serious issues. 😦

My dreams of cats have evolved.  I now dream of random street cats being all wounded and needing medical care.  Sometimes they are so bad looking, I’m amazed they are alive.  Sometimes they try to get in the house and I have to shoo them out.  Again, feel free to psychoanalyze…

The reason I’m sharing this is because, as many of you may know, cats have a way of really affecting us humans.  I care deeply about all animals, but I guess I became a cat person as a child, since as far back as I can remember, cats have been in our homes.

I’m interested in finding out if I’m not alone in my dream life experiences with cats.  If you’d like to, please share in the comments.