Ghost Cats

I’ve always pondered the possibility that cats have spirits. In some beliefs it’s unheard of and in others it is taken as an absolute.

At times, in the past, I would think I was seeing a cat out of the corner of my eye, and look to see that one was not there. We have cats, so sometimes I would think it was one of them walking by quickly, only to look around and see them in another room sleeping or something. I always assumed it was my imagination.

Recently there has been a strange occurrence that makes me rethink this. Actually, there has been a few occurrences.

One night while laying in bed, I felt what I thought was my cat laying against the back of my legs. When I reached back to pet him and said something to him, I realized he wasn’t there! He wasn’t anywhere near me. So I paused, and thought it was a bit strange, and then went to sleep. A couple nights later, I felt what I thought was him again walking down my right side to the bottom of the bed, and up my left side about to the level of my hips. I then felt the bed move like he had stepped onto the chair next to the bed, then heard the chair with it’s familiar creak that sounds when he jumps off it up to a box by the window. I then opened my eyes and said something to him while looking towards the window where I thought he was. He wasn’t there! I turned over to see where he was, and he was sleeping in the chair on the other side of the bed.

That’s when I thought it might be a ghost cat. I feel a little silly saying that actually, but I believe a great many things are possible, and this might be one of them.

A couple days later, my husband said to me, “I think your ghost cat visited me.” He proceeded to tell me he felt the bed covers pull a little tightly around one of his legs, as if a cat was standing over him with it’s feet on each side of his leg. We’ve had cats for many, many years, so we know what that sort of thing feels like.

Then, a couple days ago, he saw a cat walk past him and, wanting to pay it some attention, went towards where it walked to pick it up or pet it. I was in the room with him, but not facing where he was. He was so confused, he asked me where the cat went. I didn’t know what he was talking about. There weren’t even any cats near where we were. My husband is not the type of person who is given to flights of fancy or automatically jumping to a paranormal conclusion, so that makes this more significant to me.

I decided to look up ghost cats on the internet, just to see if anyone had any information or personal stories on the topic. I learned that a LOT of people seem to have these experiences. Some had cats who had passed on and they thought that’s what it was. Others, didn’t have any animals, so they thought maybe a cat passed in the house they lived in at some time in the past.

If you are interested, I read some of these accounts at Above Top Secret, Seeks Ghosts, and Reddit, to name a few. And here are a couple of videos to check out: Ghost Cat (youtube) Ghost Cat 2. I haven’t read them, but here are a couple of books you might want to check out: Ghost Cats: Human Encounters With Feline Spirits, and Ghost Cats of the South.

I’m not sure if it is just the mind, an energy the cat left behind, or an actual interactive cat spirit. It may be possible that if a cat really enjoyed their life, that they may stay on there after their death. Maybe, they would want to be with someone who really cared for them, when no one else did. We have fed and sheltered many strays and feral cats for many years. We’ve buried so many on our property, because we believe they deserve that respect. We’ve had more than a few come here to die, as if they knew we loved them and wanted to care for them properly, even after death.

We had one recently. We called him Yoda. We actually had to have him put to sleep. He was too far gone for us to be able to help him. These latest occurrences didn’t happen until about a week or so after he died.

Yoda, aka White Boy

It could be him, or any of the others (Thomas, Chuckie, PseudoChuckie, Brownie, Static, or any of the countless nameless ones) who have passed on our property. It could be Smudge, who passed a few years ago, (her story is here: Princess Smudge). I don’t know, but I find it interesting that so many others have similar experiences.

Author: Nicole S.

I am a crazy cat lady, married to a crazy cat man. We do what we can to help street cats, and we have 5 house cats as well. I am very interested in learning about the world and the universe we live in, in the physical and the spiritual.

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